Your number-one concern as a homeowner is keeping your home safe and only accessible to you and your family. While imagining home maintenance can fill your head with a never-ending to-do list, maintaining your home is more than just keeping it looking nice, but keeping it safe. These residential locksmith facts can be your to-do list in getting this done. Just take a look at this data we have on home security.

1. Burglary rates are down.

In a recent FBI report, the rate of home burglaries is down 19.7% over the course of the past 10 years. This is due to many reasons. Increasing forensic knowledge can more easily catch these criminals as well as increasing numbers of more secure home maintenance. This doesn’t mean that you have a free pass on locking your door or replacing old or broken locks. This complacency is a burglar’s best ally. It can lull homeowners into a false sense of security in the protection of their home.

2. Most break-ins are forced.

The FBI reports that there are three main categories that burglaries fall in to:  forcible entry, unlawful entry (no force), and attempting forcible entry. The total number of break-ins in these categories can be split into the following percentages:

  • Forcible entry: 58.3%
  • Unlawful entry: 35.2%
  • Attempting forcible entry: 6.5%

These statistics can show us two things. The first is that most homes are broken into by a burglar who is working hard to get into your home. The second is that homeowners must work equally as hard to prevent them from achieving this. Making sure that your home has the best defense, with the best preventative measures, is key.

3. Daytime doesn’t guarantee you’re safe.

It might be surprising to most homeowners to learn that a majority of break-ins happen during the day. Only 27% of these crimes happen at night when you are more likely to be home than during the day.  Burglars don’t want to be at your home when you are. This can give you a better idea of what you might need to do to make your home burglar-proof!

4. Front doors are entrance points.

Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door to enter your home.  The main reason for this is the widely known fact that a majority of contractor-installed doors are not secure. It’s easy to fix this problem with the assistance of a home security system and a strong lock in a solid door put there by a professional locksmith.

If you’ve read these residential locksmith facts, and you’re ready to start securing your home and keeping your family safe, help is just a phone call away.  Artie’s Locksmith is stocked with the materials and the qualified technicians you need to keep your home properly maintained.  Available 24 hours, day or night, Artie’s Locksmith is here for you, whenever you need us.